An Advanced Approach for Case-Based Learning Across Cardiovascular Specialties

Cases are based on real issues encountered in the cath lab, tailored across training levels (ST3 - ST7) to consultant level

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State of the Art Training Facility

Cutting edge simulations take place in a high-fidelity simulated angiography suite at the Surgical Innovation Centre, St Mary's Hospital, London. The training facility features integrated Mentice VIST-C simulators, allowing practical, hands-on experience in a safe, fully immersive and realistic environment

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Consultant-Led Feedback

In depth feedback and structured debriefs on case interpretation, technical skills and decision-making from our broad panel of expert consultants

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"This course should be standard for all trainees entering the cardiac catheter labs and for Consultant revalidation on a regular basis - a 100% must for those on a PCI rota. With > 15 years experience of my own I learnt a great deal and can see improvements in my own practice" (Consultant)

“Fantastic course - a unique chance to encounter and manage serious complications in a controlled, simulated learning environment with excellent feedback. Thank you.” (ST4 Level Cardiology Trainee)

"Thank you very much for giving me an opportunity for the simulation based training course. It is very useful, challenging, effective way to enhance & improve technical, clinical knowledge & also interprofessional skills. I would say it is the part of clinical governance to deliver quality service & quality care to the patients. I would like to recommend all my multiprofessional colleagues to participate in this simulation training course" (Cath-Lab Personnel)